I think I might marry this one



Subject’s name: My girlfriend

Appearance: Dressed in sleek red jacket and boots with black hooded cape when in Super Mode. Rest of the time – at the forefront of chic fashion. Face of a girl with large drop-dead eyes and sharp incisors.

Special powers: Claw combat. Super Speed, Super Sarcasm & Wit. Wears magic sunglasses through which she sees deceptive people (and no doubt their hips too) in their true colors.

Weakness: Loves silk sheets. Extremely susceptible to perfection. Subject has also shown a particular weakness when it comes to intellectual intercourse.

Background: Subject comes from a clan known as the Bulgarian Charmers. The Bulgarian Charmers are a deadly alien race whose only aim is to take over the Universe and the men that admire them.

The Bulgarian Charmers are Earth’s worst nightmare, a race of savage conquerors who boast of having died on every planet they’ve ever set foot on. It is the Bulgarian Charmers who invade planets and subjugate its male population. It is the Bulgarian Charmers who round up inhabited planets’ males by the millions and force them into a life of passionate slavery, or worse.

Personality: She has maintained the Bulgarian Charmer self-assurance. Making her website fans worship her while staying aloof and making only surface friends until they have proved their worthiness of her trust and total adoration.


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